Do It Yourself Articles

  • Can Paint Change the Size and Feel of a Room?

    Being able to change the size of a room without knocking down or putting up walls is possible. All you need to do is add some paint and a few accessories.
  • House Painting

    Some might think that painting your house is a daunting task. And yes it can be, but then if you have patience and not try to rush through it just to, “get it done” it can be something you may want to take on yourself.
  • Paint Brush vs Roller

    A few facts to know the difference between a brush vs roller.
  • Paint vs Stain

    Knowing the difference between Paint vs Stain can help you decide which look you are wanting for your next project.
  • Painting a kitchen island

    Painting your kitchen island can change the look of your kitchen without a lot of work.
  • How to Fix a Paint Drip

    DIY Hacks for all the possible issues that can come up such as drips or runs in paint. Your go to for how to fix paint runs.
  • How to Properly Prime Before You Paint

    Why Tinting Primer Saves You Time and Money
  • How to Paint a Bathroom


    Five things every DIY'er needs to know before starting to paint their Bathroom. How to properly paint a room.