How to Fix a Paint Drip

 How to Fix Paint Runs

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Fixing a Run in the Paint

So what do you do after you have finished painting and go back after it's all dry to look at the amazing job you did and see the awful run? 
Don't worry, it is a pretty simple fix. 

Freshly Painted Drip/Run:

Grab a bucket with a little water, sandpaper, and a clean dry cloth. Wet your sandpaper and lightly sand along the paint drip/paint run be sure to apply only slight pressure. Pushing too hard can make the sandpaper stick to and gouge the paint instead of sliding over the top the paint drip.
The water helps the sandpaper glide smoothly over the paint drip without scratching deeply or rolling the paint. 

Old Dry/Hardened Paint Drip/Run:

If old hard paint has a blemish that you can't stand to look at anymore and you feel it needs to go away forever, no worries it can be fixed.
If the paint run has a large head on it you can take a sharp blade and shave some of it off. Then you wet or dry sand it. Using soft grit sandpaper (150-220) lightly sand the area down smoothing paint drip out.
When you have a flat, eggshell or satin sheen to the paint, dry sanding works the best. Low-sheen, semi-gloss and high gloss I prefer to use wet sanding. The sandpaper glides over the painted surface as it sands. Dry sanding these shinier sheen's, in my experience, can often but not always roll the paint and doesn't come out near as smooth. 
Just make sure you sand it all the way down until you can no longer see any evidence of it. Because if you can even slightly still see the paint drip even if it feels smooth, it is still there and will show up when you apply the next coat of paint. 

If you are ready to paint the surface but want a little more help you may want to check out one of these:  Painting a Bathroom or Priming Before You Paint.

And it's that simple. 

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