Paint vs Stain

Which is better, Paint vs Stain?

One question I have been asked many times is, "Which is better, paint or stain?" My answer usually is, "It depends on the look you are wanting." I know what your thinking, that's a very vague answer. And yes it is, because when it comes to the two, they are very different products and it does depend on what "look" you are wanting to achieve.


When choosing paint, it only covers the surface and will hide the grain and/or any imperfections you are painting over. It is also said that paint is more durable than stain since it lays on top of the wood.


With stain, it penetrates the wood. It does don't cover any marks, dips or scratches. Stain brings out the natural beauty of the wood while preserving it at the same time. I know a lot of people when they think of stain the only color that comes to mind is brown, but stain comes in many colors and shades. Another option with stain is you can change the depth of the color by the amount of time you leave the stain on the wood. 

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  • What about watering down the paint so it does a washing out effect? You should add a section on that. I’ve been curious how well it works with colors other than white. I’ve only ever seen white washing.


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